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Enrol on our weekly Breathe webinars!

Enrol on our weekly Breathe webinars!


Our next Breathe software webinar is on Friday 8th July at 10.30am and will be focusing on Expenses.  Please follow the link below to enrol.

Our Breathe webinars are FREE and last approximately 10-15 minutes and a great way to pick up some valuable tips on specific features within Breathe. 

As well as the webinars, Keystone HR is offering a 30 day free trial and if you sign up through the webinars, we will also offer an additional 15% discount for 3 months. 

All additional topics covered over the next few weeks are listed below, so just click on the link to enrol.  If you have any questions or require more information on any Breathe software and what it can do for you, please do get in touch.

July 8th -          Expenses (link)
July 15th -        Sickness (link)
July 22nd -       Documenting Staff Training (link)
July 29th -        HR Reports (link)
August 5th -      Rota and Timesheets Online (link)
August 12th -    Breathe Learn - Keep your People's Compliant (link)
August 19th -    Showing your People Appreciation (link)
August 26th -    Making your HR Communications internally in one place (link)   
September 2nd - Keeping Documents Online (link)

We hope you find these webinars useful and any further information on Breathe software can be found here

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